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Ultimate Football Strength Training Guide

Strength training guide for football 

48 Pages Dedicated to
Football Strength Training



Covered in this PDF:

  • Exercises that reduce injuries on the field
  • Ideal football training calendar
  • How to optimize your training environment
  • Plus much more...
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What's in this eBook?

  • How to set up your off-season, in-season and post-season training calendar
  • 10 essential pieces of equipment for the ideal weight-room
  • 4 football movement patterns and their related exercises
  • How to test your athletes before, during and after training
  • 3 primary football strength performance goals and their recommended tests
  • 3 frequent football injuries and example injury prevention exercises for each 
  • How to prioritize your training goals
  • How to use periodization in football strength training
  • Sample training cycles by week,  block and exercise
  • Training week example tables
  • 5 training day warm-ups
  • Complete example of a workout in a hypertrophy training block at the beginning of a 12-week off-season
  • and more...

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Optimize Your Enviornment
Play Stronger

Excerpt from the eBook:

The best way to evaluate both your program and the progress of your athletes is to periodically retest the primary performance factors they originally tested to calibrate their training loads. Retesting is best done at the end of a block, especially if that block lasts 2 or more weeks. If athletes improve their strength numbers, use their NEW 1RMs to recalibrate their training loads to continue progressively overloading and developing new adaptations.