Coach and Athletic Director Magazine: September/October Innovations Issue

This article was originally published in Coach and Athletic Director Magazine's September/October Innovations Issue in which Volt Athletics was selected as one of nine game-changing products coaches must see. To read the whole magazine, please visit

Coach and Athletic Director: Innovations Issue

Not every high school has a certified strength coach, and for those that do overseeing hundreds of student-athletes is a tall task of one person. That's where Volt can help.

Volt creates year-round strength training programs for athletes at any level, customized depending on their abilities, goals and sport. Volt's daily workouts are designed by a National Strength and Conditioning Association Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), and a library of videos provides athletes with instructions on proper technique to prevent injury. 

Volt now delivers strength and conditioning guidance to more than 800 high school and college teams, and in July it announced a partnership with USA Football, acting as the organization's official strength and conditioning provider. 

"Partnering with USA Football underscores our commitment to building stronger, healthier athletes nationwide," said Dan Giuliani, co-founder and CEO of Volt Athletics. "We're excited to work with these rising football stars to help them reach their full potential and ultimately have a positive impact on the U.S. National Team's on-field success."

Volt is backed by some of the brightest strength training minds in the industry, including University of Nebraska strength and conditioning coach Boyd Epley, who heads the Board of Advisors

Volt plans to launch its next generation platform this fall to a limited number of programs. 

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