Volt Family Story: Colby Community College Volleyball

How Volt helped Coach Jones implement a year-long periodized training program for her volleyball players.


Colby CC

In the six years since head coach Carey Jones took the helm of the volleyball program at Colby Community College (CCC), the school has seen a marked increase in success. Coach Jones brought the program from a 3-9 conference record in 2009 to an impressive 11-5 winning record in 2014. One piece of the CCC program’s newfound success has been the implementation of the well-developed strength training technology at Volt Athletics. 

Time and energy are limited commodities for a coach—especially in the community college setting, where there can often be greater time, space, and resource restrictions. According to the coaches at CCC, Volt helps them effectively manage their own time to best help athletes through the season.

During Coach Jones’ first two seasons as head coach, her team did some circuit and cardio-based training, but they didn’t have access to a weight room. “By my third year of coaching, we finally had access to a weight room in the spring. My assistant coach was pretty knowledgeable [in strength and conditioning] and we worked out using a program through the summer, but it wasn't user-friendly because our girls were printing and flipping through a multi-page document, ” says Coach Jones of CCC’s training program prior to adopting Volt’s technology. “It was Excel—a day-by-day calendar. Sometimes workouts would drag on longer than expected because we wouldn’t know what the workout was supposed to entail.” Without the aid of a program designed to clearly and effectively lay out workouts for athletes and staff alike, the programming process can be chaotic. And without workouts specially tailored to each individual athlete’s needs, programming can be unproductive—especially when it comes to injury prevention.

“We’ve got motivated kids here. They like Volt’s program. In fact, we have actually had some athletes transfer out and continue using Volt technology, because they thought it was better than what they were getting at their new school.”

Assistant Coach Chelsea Funk emphasizes the role Volt plays in helping her volleyball players avoid injury. “We used to have more injuries at the beginning of the season,” says Coach Funk. “However, after using Volt [programs] over the summer, we have been able to generally maintain the health of our athletes, which is always a good thing!” Even without an on-campus gym, a luxury often taken for granted at DI or DII colleges, CCC has found ways to make the most of their time in the weight room.

“More athletes took part in the summer workout program this year than in recent years,” Coach Funk says. By utilizing Volt’s professionally designed workouts, CCC coaches are able to work with more athletes at a time. Ensuring all athletes are training on safe and tested strength and conditioning programs helps protect CCC athletes against injuries caused by sport-specific risk or ineffective strength training—which can ultimately make or break an athlete’s (and a team’s) season.

CCC places special emphasis on the success of its athletes, since many of them plan on transferring to a four-year institution and continue to play. Volt helps coaches who are not necessarily strength and conditioning specialists by offering them that service at a low cost—which is beneficial for both staff and athletes, especially when coaches work in tandem with the Volt team to specialize workouts to better meet their team's needs. “We’ve got motivated kids here,” says Head Coach Jones. “They like Volt’s program. In fact, we have actually had some athletes transfer out and continue using Volt technology, because they thought it was better than what they were getting at their new school.”

In a sport like volleyball, where strength training is slowly entering the mainstream as a crucial tool for athlete and team success, coaches like Carey Jones have gotten a head start in training their athletes with safe, effective workouts designed specifically for volleyball players. In doing so, CCC is staying ahead of the curve and seeing success as a result.

Volt has helped Coach Jones and her staff implement a user-friendly strength and conditioning program for her team.

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