Volt Family Story: Lindbergh High School

How Coach Jason Wolfard used Volt to organized his team’s strength training routine and monitor individual analytics.

High School

Strength training is often difficult to implement at the high school level. For one, certified strength coaches who can design sound training programs are tough to find (and even tougher to afford). Staff resources are often scarce, and the sheer number of athletes—many of whom play multiple sports—makes designing individualized strength training programs a logistical nightmare. Jason Wolfard, head boys basketball coach at Lindbergh High School in St. Louis, MO, recognized the difficulties involved in training his student-athletes, and sought out a solution to help him make the most of his resources.

In 2014, Coach Wolfard adopted the Volt Athletics online platform as an all-in-one training tool for his coaches and athletes. The result? An organized, affordable, completely customizable training program for each of his athletes, designed by strength and conditioning experts. Volt helped Wolfard schedule and manage his athletes’ training calendars, track and monitor their progress, and provide his kids with workouts created by certified strength coaches. And the 2014 Lindbergh Teacher of the Year could not be more pleased with the outcome.

“There are so many things that make the [Volt] program great,” says Coach Wolfard, especially the structure Volt helps him provide. “As a coach, I like the organization. It allows me to print off sheets for every athlete. It’s easy to update my athletes’ [strength] numbers. I can easily follow the calendar, and don’t have to come up with what exercises we are doing.” In this sense, Volt functions as a coaching assistant to a busy Wolfard, and helps him ensure no aspect of his athletes’ training falls through the cracks.

The intuitive technology behind Volt was also a selling point for Coach Wolfard and his staff. “Players and coaches can access Volt on their mobile devices,” he says, which has helped to create school buy-in to the Volt program. And Volt training doesn’t end with his season: “The bonus features, such as off-season conditioning and agility exercises, are great as well.” In fact, he adds, “I truly have not found something [on the Volt platform] that isn’t valuable to our program.”

Adopting Volt has also helped Coach Wolfard bring continuity to his athletic department. Like many coaches short on time and resources, Wolfard says his strength training program was previously fragmented. “Before we found Volt, our training program was pieces of various things,” he says. “The program was not as individualized as Volt’s, but most of all it was difficult to implement at [specific] times.

As far as impact on our team, this program has produced results. I have seen significant strength results with my players that stayed consistent with their Volt training regimen.

With Volt, athletes benefit from individualized performance training programs designed by a team of CSCS-certified experts. Collaborating with coaches from a variety of sports and drawing on experience working with athletes of all levels, the Volt team brings a wealth of sport expertise to the fold. Coach Wolfard and Lindbergh High School have channeled this resource to build stronger athletes. “As far as impact on our team, this program has produced results,” says Wolfard. “I have seen significant strength results with my players that stayed consistent with their Volt training regimen,” which serves to further strengthen his team’s buy-in to the Volt program.

And if Coach Wolfard ever has a question, he knows who to call. “My impression of Volt starts with the people,” he says, “They have been nothing but helpful. Just getting the bi-monthly checkup call to see how things are going is great, but the response [I received] when I had a question was top-notch.” From questions about movement selection to platform logistics, Wolfard goes to the Volt team for expertise, and “they take care of us,” he says. “[The Volt staff] makes sure we are getting the most out of our program,” making program implementation easy and effective for Wolfard.

With Volt, Coach Wolfard has taken his strength training program and turned it into an organized, custom-built approach that produces results. His relationship with the Volt staff, combined with the application’s ease of use and expert guidance, has added to the experience. Athletes are getting more out of their time in the weight room and using those gains on the court. And to any coach considering Volt for their team, Wolfard says, give it a shot. “All it took for us was to see the impact [Volt] made in a [free] trial period—we then went all-in! [...] Many coaches are always looking for things that will help their programs. For our strength training at Lindbergh High School, Volt has made that impact—and will stay!”

Coach Wolfard leverages Volt's technology to bring efficient training, organization, and athlete tracking to his basketball program.

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