Volt Family Story: Oberlin Tennis

How Volt helped Women's Tennis Coach Constantine Ananiadis reduce injuries and improve performance.

Oberlin College

“When Volt came along, it was like my prayers were answered!” says Coach Constantine Ananiadis, head women’s tennis coach at Oberlin College. Awarded with both the 2012 NCAC and Central Region Coach of the Year awards, Ananiadis is a decorated university-level coach who has displayed a high degree of professionalism and dedication in his time at Oberlin. His commitment to the success of his players led him to go looking for online modes of strength and conditioning training, and ultimately to Volt, where his expectations were met and exceeded by the well-developed programs produced by the technology.

Ananiadis was able to use Volt’s technology to maximize his time and energy, and the time and energy of his athletes. Ananiadis has a background in exercise physiology, and knows the importance exercise plays in the long-term success of a program; however, without the luxury of an assistant, customizing individual workouts for each of his athletes was a tall order. Prior to joining the Volt family, Ananiadis went to creative lengths to ensure that his players could exercise properly over the off-season. “I used to make DVDs for my players for the summer months with myself or someone else modeling,” says Ananiadis. “But, of course, that’s very limited and was a huge undertaking for me on my own and was also very time consuming.” Since adopting Volt’s technology, Ananiadis has been able to use his own time more effectively by allowing Volt to craft workout programs for his players, whose ultimate success depends upon the ability to progress throughout an entire season.

The biggest improvement I have seen in my athletes has certainly been in the ‘injury prevention’ category. Honestly, we’ve had very few injuries, if any, since incorporating Volt.

A team’s success depends on athletes’ ability to improve continuously, ideally without interruption due to injury. Ananiadis’ tennis team at Oberlin College has made significant strides toward protecting the health of athletes since incorporating Volt’s technology into their program. “The biggest improvement I have seen in my athletes has certainly been in the ‘injury prevention’ category.” says Ananiadis. “Honestly, we’ve had very few injuries, if any, since incorporating Volt.” The Oberlin women’s tennis program has been in the top of their competitive conference, in the top-10 of the Central region, the 2014 NCAC Women’s Tennis Player of the Year, and nationally ranked each of the last 3 years. One reason for this sustained success is the improved training programs of the athletes. “The fact that now our players have a virtual personal trainer year-round and can work out in the off-season safely and properly has been a huge factor,” says Ananiadis of the improved health of his team. “They no longer come back to school in September not having lifted in five months and get hurt the first day in the weight room.” Volt’s ability to create a culture of sustained improvement over the course of a full season is a contributor to Ananiadis’ belief in the technology; however, it is the Volt staff and management style that stand out for the decorated coach.

Ananiadis has peace of mind, given that he knows educated, friendly coaches at Volt are expertly designing his player’s workouts. “Especially early on, to have [a] personal relationship and understanding firsthand of the “inner workings” of Volt, the philosophy of how the program is put together, etc. was very reassuring for me,” says Ananiadis. “There have been times these past few years that we’ve been using Volt that I’ll call up and ask why this and why that and why not this instead, and I either get something changed or get an answer as to why things are the way they are, and why we shouldn’t change them.” Having open lines of communication between the Ananiadis and the Volt team has helped to further personalize Volt’s technology to Oberlin College. That is, because Ananiadis has the ability to reach out to the strength and conditioning professionals responsible for the workout programs in use, the programs themselves can be tweaked, or refined to better suit the athlete. The coaches at Volt have the knowledge and skills to provide up-to-date strength and conditioning research and expertise, which translates into effective sport-specific programming.

Since adopting Volt, Ananiadis has seen tremendous growth in his program, and even maintained a national ranking for several years. While this cannot be solely attributed to Volt’s technology, Coach Ananiadis sees a correlation between the team’s improvement and his adoption of Volt. “Yes, our results have been better the last few years, but… much like other [sports], tennis is too complex an activity to be able to confidently say that being stronger will make you automatically better,” said Ananiadis. “It certainly doesn’t hurt to be stronger, but again the biggest factor with Volt has been the fact that we can now practice more because we’re healthy and move without pain when we’re competing.”

Since adopting Volt, Coach Ananiadis has seen a noticeable drop in injuries.

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