Volt Family Story: Olivet Nazarene University

Why Coach Brenda Williams added Volt as a new training dynamic to develop athleticism and strength in her athletes.

Olivet Nazarene

When Olivet Nazarene University hired Brenda Williams as Assistant Professor of Exercise and Sports Science and women’s volleyball coach in 1996, the Tigers were coming off a disappointing season. They needed new direction—and Williams proved right for the job. In her first season, Coach Williams led ONU Volleyball to 25 wins and by the following year, the Tigers were hosting the NAIA National Championships. A little over 20 years (and 500+ wins) later, Coach Williams continues to push her athletes to be “champions on the court, and also in life.” 

“I always want to do what’s best for my athletes,” says Coach Williams. “And when we were looking for a strength training program for our team, we didn’t have to look too far.” The ONU women’s basketball team has now been using Volt Athletics to build their year-round periodized training, and it was evident that the training was efficient and effective. “We saw the quality of the training and how much time it saved,” says Coach Williams.

Coach Williams assigned Assistant Coach Rachelle Wiegand, who has a background in strength training, to see if the Volt platform was right for the Tiger volleyball team. “The first thing that stood out was the quality of the training, and the further I looked into [Volt], I realized it was a great opportunity for our program,” says Coach Wiegand. 

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Volt saved my staff and I valuable time in setting up a quality program in a very short amount of time that keeps our athletes accountable and in very good playing shape.

Benefits from the training were almost immediate. Volt helped build overall athleticism and volleyball-specific strength and stability in particular. “We love how Volt is so adaptable to our program’s needs, the needs of each individual player, and our equipment,” says Coach Williams. Volt programs utilize movement patterns that are specific to the needs of each sport, yet build a base of universal athleticism. It does so in a platform that is easily accessible to both athletes and coaches. “Volt saved my staff and I valuable time in setting up a quality program in a very short amount of time that keeps our athletes accountable and in very good playing shape.”

The benefits of Volt went beyond time management, however. ONU’s resistance training has reinforced an atmosphere of competition. “The only way to see where we stand and where we are going is to test ourselves against the top teams in the country and also in practice each day,” says Coach Williams. 

And that commitment to compete on the court and in practice begins in the weight room for the Tigers. “Volt has had a tremendous effect on my athletes’ athleticism and on their performance,” says Coach Williams. “A big reason we embraced Volt is because we’ve seen growth and excitement in our girls. Our upperclassmen immediately understood the importance of the training,” she says. Using Volt’s accountability and metrics to track strength improvements, a competitive training culture spread throughout the team. “The hard work our upperclassmen were putting in motivated the incoming freshmen, and made them push themselves in the weight room,” says Coach Williams. “They love being able to see their improvements, and my staff can make sure they’re actually doing their lifting [through Volt’s accountability features].”
ONU’s coaching staff has been able to create a culture of accountability and competition during their training, and those results are showing up on the court. “Volt makes our job easier, and we’re seeing the results,” says Coach Williams. 

Volt has helped Coach Williams and her staff implement an efficient and effective training program for her student-athletes.

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