Volt Family Story: Proctor Academy

How Athletic Director, Gregor Makechinie, uses Volt as a comprehensive solution for strength training across all sports at Proctor Academy.

Proctor Academy
High School

Gregor Makechnie has his work cut out for him. Being a high school athletic director is tough, but working for a private college preparatory boarding school like Proctor Academy adds another set of challenges. Many of Makechnie’s athletes play more than one sport and most spend the summer months at home, so creating strength and conditioning programs for his students is no small feat.

He found a solution, however, by introducing the Proctor athletic department to Volt Athletics. For one, he likes how the program has encouraged more performance training knowledge in his athletes. For another, he has become an advocate for the online platform after committing himself to Volt training and losing 50 pounds. It has given him a “sense of empowerment” and he works to encourage the same transformation in his young student-athletes.

Though enrollment is only 360 students, Proctor is home to 39 competitive athletic teams—which means that many of Makechnie’s athletes require training for multiple sports, and often flow directly from one sport season to another. Makechnie, who also coaches football and basketball for the Hornets, has helped deliver Volt training to this diverse group of athletes. He needed a program that would accommodate anyone from football players, to downhill skiiers and everyone in between. He also wanted to keep tabs on them during summer break. With Volt, Makechnie found a comprehensive solution. 

We now have a cohesive approach to training across all our sports, plus it is affordable enough to work within our budget.


“In the summer, our athletes are all over the country,” says Makechnie, “and Volt workouts allow coaches to have some sense of what athletes are doing in that time.” Thanks to Volt’s Movement Library, Proctor students returning home for the summer now have access to instructional lifts and can independently develop fitness during the off-season. Coaches and athletes can track activity on the Volt website. According to Makechnie, this gives coaches peace of mind about the fitness level of their athletes, since they know they will show up ready for the season to begin.

Since multi-sport athletes can be difficult to train, Makechnie had to get his entire team on board before trusting Volt with their training. He also knew that implementing a department-wide change, no matter how appealing, would not be easy. “Illustrating to coaches the importance of jumping on board [with Volt] and getting athletes involved with the program” was crucial to Volt’s success at Proctor, says Makechnie. Recognizing the importance of helping his athletes succeed across many sports, Makechnie took proactive steps as AD to build confidence across the department. 

Now, he says, Volt has helped the athletic staff at Proctor “provide a level of training to our student-athletes we were not previously able to achieve.” Emphasizing Volt’s range of sport-specific, individualized strength programs, Makechnie is thrilled with the unity and consistency in training he’s been able to bring to the Hornets. “We now have a cohesive approach to training across all our sports,” he says and adds, “plus it is affordable enough to work within our budget.”

But the department-wide organization isn’t Makechnie’s favorite aspect of the Volt training system. What he likes most is how Volt helps athletes build on their strength and skills as they progress through the program. “Volt can transform you,” Makechnie says, “from a novice [in the weight room] at the General Preparation Phase to prepare athletes for the complex lifts they will be doing later in the program.” After all, seeing his athletes transform throughout their Proctor athletic career—and experiencing a 50-lb transformation himself—is all part of what makes Makechnie’s job worthwhile.

Athletic Director, Gregor Makechinie, has implemented Volt's technology to help all of Proctor Academy's student-athletes.

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