Volt Family Story: College of St. Scholastica

How Athletic Trainer Luke Kasper is keeping athletes healthy through Volt's proven strength and conditioning program.


College of Saint Scholastica
Division III

Luke Kasper knows the value of strength training as a component of injury prevention. With a Master’s degree in health science and a CSCS certification, as well as experience working with the University of Alabama sports medicine department, he has educated himself on how to use performance training as a means of staying healthy through the season. He notes, “While I definitely want to see my athletes get bigger, faster and stronger, I think the most important benefit from the weight room is using that strength to diminish the risk of injury on the field.” By keeping athletes healthy with the lifts they’re doing, Kasper believes they have a foundation for developing the strength needed in competition. That’s why he has worked well with the strength training platform provided by Volt Athletics.

When Kasper was offered an athletic training position at the College of St. Scholastica, the athletic department was already two months into their training program with Volt. Now in charge of department operations, Kasper quickly saw the value of Volt at CSS and jumped on board. “What I liked most about Volt was the emphasis on strength gains, while focusing on injury prevention,” says Kasper. And the results are tangible: “I have seen fewer chronic injuries since the program was adapted.” Using his knowledge as a certified strength coach, Kasper followed the plan outlined by Volt while ensuring the lifts were carried out properly in the weight room. Free from the stress of analyzing each athlete’s development in order to forecast future workouts, he was able to ensure safety and monitor his athletes’ commitment to the program.

What I liked most about Volt was the emphasis on strength gains, while focusing on injury prevention. I have seen fewer chronic injuries since the program was adapted.

For one, Kasper recognized Volt’s potential for injury prevention through its emphasis on individualized training plans. In describing weight room activity he’s seen in the past, Kasper remembers, “People were in here lifting weights that were prescribed to groups or teams [instead of individuals], so when they were in over their heads, their form was breaking down and they were opening themselves to injury.” With Volt, athletes are provided with their own workout for each day of training that is perfectly calibrated to their specific needs in the weight room. Those needs are based on Strength Numbers from Volt’s base lifts, which help calculate strength potential for a variety of movements. Aside from that, Volt also creates specialized training plans tailored to movements particular to different sports.

He also notes how strategic periodization leads to lower rates of chronic injury. As he explains, “Volt was really good at cycling the lifts, which was great because an athlete can only handle specific demands on the body for so long before breaking down, and demands need to be different in the off-season versus the in-season.” Volt’s periodized training system provides appropriate fluctuation in intensity, volume, and exercise selection to enable the athlete to adapt to each challenge and consistently gain strength without reaching plateaus or risking injury from overtraining. For long-term strength gains, athletes must successfully adapt to short-term phases before moving on healthy to the next training phase.

In the end, Kasper’s emphasis on keeping athletes healthy and ready to perform has been an important addition to St. Scholastica’s athletic department. Athletes are receiving safer, more personalized strength training plans. Injury rates are kept in check. All the while, the weight room and coaching staff has the freedom to ensure the program runs smoothly, while delegating more energy to other aspects of their programs.

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Volt has helped athletic trainer, Luke Kasper, mitigate the risk of injury to CSS student-athletes on the field.

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