Volt Family Story: Tabor College

How Coach Thomson implemented Volt for his soccer team, and took the guesswork out of strength training.

Tabor College

Ian Thomson has worked hard to add structure and excitement to the Tabor College women’s soccer program. He came in as head coach in 2013, when the Bluejays finished with a 9-9 record, and has since improved the team to 11-5 in the 2015 season. Along with his support staff, Thomson is creating a successful environment by establishing a methodical approach to training. Much of that training begins in the weight room, a place where his athletes can gain physical strength and become more dedicated to the process. 

In an attempt to build toward success on the field, Thomson wanted to put together an exciting and effective strength training program. He struggled, however, to manage an organized system. “I would look around for a workout I liked and we would try it,” Thomson said. “There was a lot of paper use and not a lot of organization. It was a bit of a mess. The girls picked their weight and consistently went lower than they could lift.” 

Flawed organization in training programs often leads to strength plateaus and that is what Thomson wanted to avoid. To change things, he adopted Volt in the hope that it would encourage a new standard in the weight room. Since then, the difference has been apparent. “I’ve seen improvements everywhere,”says Thomson. “I have had friends and family comment on the results. I have seen stronger play on the field. The results are everywhere.

Thomson commends the way in which, “Volt has brought more organization to [Tabor’s] program.” He specifically likes the ability to access and manage his team’s training online. “Online delivery is great and I like being able to track the progression in workouts. It takes the guesswork out of what weights to lift.” All this has led to easier administration of the program and effective gains in strength.

I’ve seen improvements everywhere. Volt has brought more organization to [Tabor’s] program. It takes the guesswork out of what weights to lift.

With regard to consistency in training, Thomson notes that, “[Volt] has kept players focused. They all have said it has made them work harder than before and they respect the process and the effort behind it.” Volt reinforces consistency by focusing on long-term gains. The platform’s calculated variation in training promotes sustained physical development over time, helping Thomson’s athletes avoid plateaus in their strength progression

The technology has helped Thomson implement a strength program that is highly effective, yet easy to manage. His athletes are committed to the professionally designed platform and Thomson is seeing their dedication pay dividends on the field. His current strength training program, executed with a calculated purpose, strengthens more than numbers in the weight room. As their development suggests, it also strengthens their commitment to the team and belief in the program as a whole. “It is the best item other than soccer balls I have ever used.”

Coach Thomson used Volt's technology to construct an exciting and effective strength training program for his team.

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