Volt Family Story: Warner University Volleyball

How Volt helped Coach Moskovitz implement a strength program that kept athletes strong and healthy. 

Warner University

When Chrissy Moskovitz took over as volleyball coach at Warner University, she adopted Volt Athletics with a bit of skepticism: “To be honest, I didn't really think I would want to keep the program when I first signed up for it.” After all, she knew what she was doing. Her current program was built on personal experience as an athlete, years of previous coaching success, and expertise learned through two master’s degrees in the field. “I was able to use my experience and put something together that was better than what I had, but still not what I was looking for,” she says. Realizing she could bring more to the program, Coach Moskovitz was drawn to Volt’s online strength and conditioning platform, which added flexibility, as well as extra workouts and a conditioning focus that significantly reduced the team’s injury rate.

She started to see a real benefit last April, when she introduced the team to Volt. “I monitored their workouts [and] the returners really liked that they could keep each other accountable by seeing not only their strength numbers, but also seeing when they worked out and when was the last time they signed in.” Last May, she added new recruits to the platform and was able to monitor their progression throughout the summer until they arrived in August for pre-season workouts.

I also saw less injuries and soreness during pre-season than I had seen in the last four years.

That’s when the impact became evident. “In August, the returners’ numbers had increased— some a lot, some a little. I was impressed by their stamina, workout numbers, and I even saw a couple with an inch or two inch increase in their verticals!” Since Volt’s program is built by CSCS-certified coaches and backed by leaders in the strength and conditioning field, her athletes had access to elite-level training throughout the summer, regardless of location. Thanks to the online platform, the reins for that plan were placed directly in Coach Moskovitz’s control.


“I also saw less injuries and soreness during pre-season than I had seen in the last four years,” says Coach Moskovitz. Each Volt workout contains sport-specific injury prevention movements, targeted toward the most at-risk areas for each sport. As a result, Volt athletes train more consistently and are ready to show up in competition. Coach Moskovitz highlights that, “As the season progressed, I noticed this year that the team seemed much more conditioned for the long season and still saw a vast decrease in injuries towards the end of the season. Typically, the beginning and end of season are when we see the most injuries.” Not so with Volt.

With a stronger and more physically prepared group of athletes, the Lady Royals volleyball team translated their off-season dedication into success on the court. They captured the regular season Sun Conference title, rounding out at a perfect 12-0 within the conference. They also finished second at the NCCAA South Region tournament and fifth at the NCCAA National Tournament with an overall record of 20-8, which included a 15-game win streak. Coach Moskovitz attributes the team’s physical preparedness to Volt’s year-long training that kept them strong, conditioned, and injury-free in the off-season, and all the way through the NCCAA tournament. “I attribute the increased core strength, lean muscle tissue, and stamina to the program Volt put together for us,” Coach Moskovitz says, adding, “I'm excited to continue working with Volt and I LOVE the upgrades they have made to the website and we are all loving the mobile app.”



Since joining the Volt Family, Coach Moskovitz's athletes are seeing a significant reduction in injuries.

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