Volt Family Story: York College Basketball & Golf

How a dual-sport coach implemented his strength program through Volt, allowing his athletes to train with consistency throughout the year.

York College of Pennsylvania

Matt Hunter has a unique challenge. As head coach of the men’s basketball and golf teams at York College of Pennsylvania, he has a lot on his plate. After three years, he has already achieved some success. The Spartans won the 2013 Capital Athletic Conference Championship and he received the corresponding Coach of the Year award. Still, as a two-sport coach with a mind for success, Coach Hunter always sees room for improvement in his athletes. 

One fundamental area he wanted to improve was his approach to strength training. To aid in that approach, he adopted Volt’s innovative online platform. “Before Volt, we were using a program that I used when I was in college – a classic football workout plan,” says Coach Hunter. For three days a week his basketball players would do major lifts, explosive lifts, and complementary lifts, while focusing on a different body part each day. “[This] was very effective for getting bigger and stronger, but [it was] not sport-specific,” says Coach Hunter. 

His athletes have since embraced Volt’s sport-specific periodized training. “My athletes like the [Volt] technology - and I like Volt because our guys like Volt,” says Coach Hunter. It’s difficult to delegate time and energy across two different sports, but Volt’s technology allows for Coach Hunter to ensure all his athletes, regardless of sport, have the opportunity to stay healthy and compete at a high level.

[My athletes] have seen the benefits of the program. They are more explosive as a group.

This extends to times when Coach Hunter can not be physically present for his athletes’ resistance training, since Volt’s Movement Library provides detailed examples of each lift in the program. “I’m not allowed in [the weight room] during the off-season [due to NCAA regulations],” says Coach Hunter, “And I’ve never felt sending a packet to [a student-athlete] for the summer was very effective. Volt gives my athletes easy access to their training on their phones, sport-specific [workouts], and teaching tools on the web.”

Regardless of the sport, Coach Hunter knows that sustained physical development is accomplished through precise variation in training. Volt’s periodized training system provides appropriate fluctuation in intensity, volume, and exercise selection to enable the athlete to adapt to each challenge and consistently gain strength without reaching plateaus or risking injury from overtraining. “We have a very young [group of athletes], so some results are yet to really pay off, but we are leaner and more athletic for sure,” says Coach Hunter. “Plus I can get [Volt workouts] to my incoming freshman now and they can be in a better place when they get here.” 

Long-term development in sports performance is all about strength in coordinated movements and Volt training programs are constructed on this principle. Coach Hunter’s athletes are gaining strength, but they are also powerful, explosive, fast, mobile, stable, and built to perform. “[My athletes] have seen the benefits of the program,” says Coach Hunter. “They are more explosive as a group.” Everything Volt does in the weight room is designed to translate into performance. Whether it’s basketball or golf, Hunter’s ultimate goal is to get athletes to perform on the day of competition and his strength program is a means to that end

Coach Hunter juggles two head coaching jobs, and Volt allows him to save time when he implements his strength training programs.

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