Is Volt affordable on a tight budget?

Volt is the most affordable elite-level training option available and coaches are frequently surprised by how affordable it can be. We created Volt with the goal of providing elite-level strength and conditioning to everyone, especially those operating on tight budgets. Here’s the blunt truth: if you can afford team sweatshirts, you can afford Volt. Plain and simple. Click here to get an accurate quote and see just how affordable Volt could be for you.

Who will monitor my athletes and keep them accountable?

As in any training environment, you and your coaching staff are responsible for the health and safety of your athletes. Volt delivers all programming online, which allows us to provide elite-level training for an affordable cost, but the implementation of the program is the responsibility of the coach. We highly recommend monitoring the weight room with a qualified adult to ensure athlete safety when training on any program. As for accountability, Volt does provide tools to help motivate athletes and hold them accountable for their training through our Advanced Metrics.

How do I know that Volt is safe for my athletes?

Safety is our top priority at Volt. We believe that proper strength training is a key step towards keeping athletes safe in practice and competition. All Volt coaches are CSCS-certified by the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) to ensure that only the most qualified strength coaches are building our workouts. We also take every reasonable step to ensure athlete safety when training. Every Volt program employs proven training methods and techniques, deliberately and strategically progressing athletes from basic to complex movements. And the exclusive Volt Exercise Library features videos, pictures, step-by-step instructions, and coaching points to help athletes execute their workout with perfect technique.

Who should make changes to my athletes' workouts?

Volt's workouts are built by some of the industry's best strength coaches and should not be altered except as necessary for athletes with specific injury risks or concerns. Every exercise, intensity and volume is precisely selected by our team of CSCS-certified strength coaches who have the background, knowledge and expertise required to build elite-level training programs. However, in the case of an injured athlete, we recommend always consulting with an athletic trainer or physical therapist before making any modifications to any training regimen. Volt workouts are intended only for use by healthy athletes.  

I’m a college coach and I am concerned about compliance. Are there any compliance issues with using Volt? 

There are absolutely no compliance issues with using Volt. We have taken every precaution to ensure that Volt is 100% compliant with all NCAA regulations and have many college programs at every level currently training on Volt programs without incident. If you have any particular questions or concerns, please contact us and we will be happy to go into further detail with you regarding compliance.

My budget is already set, but I want to get Volt. What should I do?

We have seen coaches come up with a variety of creative ways to find the funding to pay for Volt, including additional fundraisers, reallocating previously-budgeted funds, and asking athletes to chip in for their training. Coaches who really want to get Volt find a way to pay for it. It's all about priorities. If your priority is the health, safety, and performance of your athletes, you will have no trouble figuring out how to make it work.

I put together a training program that seems to be pretty good. Why is Volt better than the program we’re doing now?

We see many programs built by sport coaches, former athletes, personal trainers, PE teachers, and other non-strength coaches. While it is certainly possible that the program you built is just fine, it is likely quite flawed. Let’s be honest; if you don’t have the background, education, and expertise of a professional strength coach, it is unlikely that you are versed in the continually-evolving industry methods, philosophies, and theories. At Volt, sport performance is all we do. We live and breathe strength and conditioning. We have spent years building, evolving, and optimizing dynamic, yearlong, athletic development plans rooted in cutting-edge research and proven industry expertise. Take the Volt Challenge and let our team of experts take care of the strength and conditioning programming, so you can spend more of your time coaching. You'll be amazed at what a real, structured training program can do.

We have someone who works with our team a couple times a week for a few months. What can Volt do for us?

Volt is a very different service than a part-time trainer. Volt is about long-term athletic development, not a short-term band-aid. It is built on a model of affordable, sustainable training over all 12 months of the year. Research shows that the only way to truly develop your athletes is to train consistently over a long period of time. In addition, it takes as little as two weeks after stopping a strength training program to see decreased strength and performance. So if you are only training for a few months a year, your athletes won't develop. And the cost savings are tremendous with Volt. For less than a month with a part-time trainer, Volt provides your team with the full yearlong development plan that your athletes need to be stronger, faster, more powerful, and healthier than ever before.

Our weight room isn't very good. Will I still be able to use Volt?

Absolutely. We built Volt to utilize the standard equipment found in the average high school or college weight room. Chances are good that you have everything you need to make Volt work in your facility. And in the rare case that you are missing a particular piece of equipment, Volt will recommend easy substitutions, allowing your athletes to execute similar movements with the available equipment.

How do I get my athletes to buy in to this? We don’t have a very good training culture on my team.

Starting Volt can be exactly the shot in the arm your team needs to get excited about training. Athletes love technology and Volt is the newest cutting-edge training tool that your athletes will get excited about. We also help to create a competitive atmosphere within your team by showing the athletes how they stack up to their teammates. But ultimately, gaining complete buy-in and building a positive team training culture is your responsibility as a coach. Volt can help, but it is YOUR leadership and enthusiasm that are the most important factors in getting your athletes excited about training.

How does Volt work with multi-sport athletes?

Volt was actually designed with the multi-sport athlete in mind. Every sport-specific program is built on a consistent philosophy of training that puts athleticism first and then builds in sport-specific principles. Athletes are able to switch between training programs depending on the time of year to put them in the best position to continue to progress and enable optimal performance in each of their sports.