Training Philosophy



Tennis players have different movement patterns than football players, right? Their training should reflect those patterns. Each Volt program is sport-specific and expertly designed to prepare you for the unique demands of your sport. Volt currently supports 40 different sports, including specific programming for female athletes.


Built by our team of CSCS-certified strength coaches in collaboration with premier sport performance experts across the country, Volt training upholds the proven, time-tested methods advocated by the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA). 

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Every Volt training program is properly periodized to take athletes through a variety of distinct phases and training cycles. Based on the timing of your season, Volt creates a year-long training calendar that provides the perfect structure for your workouts.

  • The intensity of each workout varies over time between different periods or “phases,” peaking athlete performance at just the right time in their training cycle.
  • Low-intensity Unload weeks are periodically scheduled to allow time to rest and recover, keeping athletes healthy and avoiding overtraining.

Scott Caulfield, CSCS*D, RSCC*D

Head Strength & Conditioning Coach
National Strength & Conditioning Association (NSCA)


"I personally used the Volt platform to deliver summer training programs. The Volt workouts are built upon sound training principles, which have been proven through decades of research and practical application."

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Every Volt program relies on proven methods and industry-standard movement patterns. Each workout contains sport-specific injury prevention movements, targeted toward the most at-risk areas for each sport.

In addition, to ensure movements are performed correctly, coaches and athletes have access to the extensive Volt Exercise Library, featuring pictures, coaching points and videos.

Instructional videos provide a visual step-by-step guide to ensure proper technique and safety while lifting.




Here is an example of a single day of training, one of over 100 workouts that are generated for an given athlete over the course of a year. Workouts for all sports follow a similar structure, yet vary in exercises performed, intensity and reps. The workouts can be viewed via the Volt mobile app, or they can be generated in standard PDF format for easy printing.

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This unique feature allows coaches to write notes to their whole team or individual athletes that will show up on the workouts. Use it to inspire your athletes with quotes, instruct them on changes to the practice schedule, or dictate their speed training for the day. 


The Volt training philosophy centers around building explosive athletes. Most Volt workouts begin with an explosive movement designed to activate the central nervous system and recruit Type IIb muscle fibers.


It doesn't matter how strong or powerful an athlete is if they are sidelined with an injury. Every Volt training program prioritizes injury mitigation and features a dedicated section of sport-specific injury mitigation movements during each training session.