Volt Family Stories

The Volt Family includes thousands of coaches that utilize Volt's innovative platform to transform their athletes. Here are some of their stories.

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Oberlin College Women's Tennis


Constantine Ananiadis

Head Women's Tennis Coach
Oberlin College

The Problem

Oberlin women’s tennis coach, Constantine Ananiadis, knew the importance of strength and conditioning for injury prevention purposes. Carrying out a program on his own throughout the off-season, however, was a cumbersome task. “I used to make DVDs for my players for the summer months with myself or someone else modeling,” says Ananiadis. “But, of course, that’s very limited and was a huge undertaking for me on my own – and was also very time consuming!”

How Volt Helped

“When Volt came along, it was like my prayers were answered!” says Coach Ananiadis, speaking on how the application has made it easier to administer a strength and conditioning program. “The biggest improvement I have seen in my athletes has certainly been in the ‘injury prevention’ category. The fact that now our players have a virtual personal trainer year-round and can work out in the off-season safely and properly has been a huge factor,” says Ananiadis of the improved health of his team. “They no longer come back to school in September not having lifted in five months and get hurt the first day in the weightroom!”



La Jolla Country Day Football

California High School

Tyler Hales

Head Football Coach
La Jolla Country Day (CA)

The Problem

Head football coach Tyler Hales wanted to establish a good strength and conditioning program for his team at La Jolla Country Day, sensing it would be a foundation for success. He sought out a way to implement sport-specific and personalized workouts each week, but found the process time-consuming and labor intensive. Still, he believed developing strength was necessary for a healthy, productive season: “To me, there is no better way to protect players and keep them safe—especially in a sport like football—than by getting them stronger.”

How Volt Helped

“[Volt] allowed for us to up the tempo in the weight room: rotating guys through workouts, keeping them focused, and helping them get after it!” says Hales. Volt’s metrics tracking features helped Hales and his athletes see that the program was working, and that they were getting stronger. “The [Volt] training has been a huge deal for our team and made our training extremely productive,” he says.



Gettysburg College



Shaun Weaver

Defensive Coordinator, Strength & Conditioning Coordinator
Gettysburg College

The Problem

As defensive coordinator, defensive line coach, football recruiter, and strength and conditioning coach for all of Gettysburg College’s athletic department, Shaun Weaver has a wide range of responsibilities. “I trained multiple types of sports, male and female, a whole variety,” he notes. “There was a lot of coordination but not enough time. I worked with the whole athletic student body and my priority, especially during football season, is the football program. I spent a lot of time on other programs, but I only had so many hours in a day, so it was hard for me to give them exactly what they needed.”

How Volt Helped

After using Volt for two years, Coach Weaver notices the benefit across all sports at Gettysburg. “The main thing was finding the best possible training options for every sport we have without hiring full-time strength coaches,” he says. Going into detail, Weaver notes that, “Being able to pull up each player’s individual profile and look up by position is important for me as a football coach, and it’s huge to be able to track progress for an athlete in any sport.” With the support Volt offers in the weight room, Weaver is freed up to focus on other responsibilities while knowing all Gettysburg athletes are training at an optimal level.



UMC Women's Soccer


Joe Alianiello

Head Women's Soccer Coach
University of Minnesota - Crookston

The Problem

As head soccer coach at the University of Minnesota-Crookston, Coach Alianiello’s young team needed to be physically ready for the season, and that meant emphasizing performance goals and training. “When I first got to the University, strength and conditioning training was pretty much non-existent for my soccer players,” Coach Alianiello says. Aside from that, the program they did have was not sport-specific: “The problem we had with only having one strength coach for 400 athletes is he took a football training program and watered it down for soccer,” says Alianiello.

How Volt Helped

Now, just shy of a year since adopting Volt, Coach Alianiello sees performance goals being met by his athletes. “[Before Volt], my girls didn’t take lifting seriously, but after joining Volt, a lot of them wanted to lift two times a week during off season,” says Coach Alianiello. He also notices that his athletes have become stronger—the evidence is on the field.  Along with the strength gains in the weight room, the Volt program has also helped in preventing overuse injuries.