We believe everyone deserves access to amazing training. Our mission is to make world-class, research-based workouts accessible to everyone, everywhere.

  • 150+Countries we’re in

    From Nome, Alaska, to Nairobi, Kenya, Volt users can access expert fitness guidance anywhere in the world, regardless of where they train.

  • 46 BillionTotal Squats Performed

    Volt users train hard—and with every workout completed, we’re gaining valuable data insights that help us take the sport and fitness industries to new heights.

  • 1.7+ MillionIndividuals that use volt

    Volt has worked with over 1.7 million individuals, which includes over 2,300 organizational customers like high schools, colleges, D1 universities, pro teams, Fortune 50 companies, and more.

It All Starts with the Plan

Exercise science research shows that workouts are more effective when part of a long-term, structured plan. Volt creates personalized training plans that adapt to each user’s feedback—so they get the right workout, every time.

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Incredible training, delivered through beautifully
designed technology — that’s Volt.

Helping People Reach Their Goals

Whether it’s training for a sport, job, or general health and fitness, Volt shows users exactly what to do to reach their goals.

  • On the fieldAthletes and coaches trust Volt for quality, affordable training guidance that helps prevent injuries and take their teams to the next level.

  • In the fieldMilitary personnel, law enforcement, and first responders use Volt to help them achieve tactical readiness—and stay healthy—no matter the job.

  • At the gymFrom experienced workout warriors to people just starting their fitness journey, Volt provides expert guidance to help them achieve their goals step by step.

  • For the 9-5From warehouse workers to desk jockeys, Volt makes workplace fitness easy to adopt (and scale) for companies large and small.

  • For the finish lineVolt helps triathletes, marathoners, cyclists, and other endurance athletes peak for race day, ski season, or whatever keeps them moving.

Volt cortex screen on mobile app
Volt cortex screen on mobile app


Learn more about our leadership team

Profile & headshot of Dan Giuliani for about page
Dan has dedicated his career to sport & fitness technology and was named a Top 25 Consumer HealthTech Executive in 2020. He is a founding member of the Rolling Stone Culture Council and a mentor in the University of Washington’s Men’s Basketball program. Dan has been a CSCS-certified strength coach since 2009 and taught Sport Performance at UW for five years. He earned a Masters in Sport Administration & Leadership from Seattle University and played football at Colby College.

Dan GiulianiMSAL, CSCS, RSCC · Co-Founder & CEO

Profile & headshot of Trevor Watkins for about page
Trevor has been in the IT field for over 15 years, including 5 years at Accenture where he worked at notable clients such as T-Mobile, AT&T and The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Trevor has a BS in Computer Science and Business from Pepperdine University, where he played midfield and was the President/Captain of the Pepperdine men’s lacrosse team.

Trevor WatkinsCo-Founder & COO

Profile & headshot of Jessica Bultman for about page
Jessica has over 15 years of experience in marketing and customer lifecycle management. Before joining Volt, she worked with top-tier agencies and consulted for organizations such as Microsoft, GM, and Wells Fargo. She holds a B.S. in Marketing from the U. of South Carolina, and an MBA from Keller Graduate School of Management. In her spare time, Jessica enjoys staying active by hiking, skiing, and playing tennis.

Jessica BultmanVP of Revenue

Profile & headshot of Jay Ostis for about page
Jay has over twenty years of experience developing software across a wide variety of industries. He received his B.E. in Physics and Electrical Engineering from the University of Maine. Jay enjoys soccer and spending time on the river kayaking and rafting.

Jay OstisDirector of Engineering

Profile & headshot of Brian McNaboe for about page
Brian has over two decades of experience in software and hardware development. He's tackled technical challenges for well-known organizations such as Amazon, Adobe, and Boeing, but prefers fast paced startups like Volt. Brian has a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from U. of Maine and a M.S. in Computer Science from U. of Washington. A lifelong athlete, Brian enjoys backcountry skiing, mountain biking, and golfing, and recently earned his private pilot certificate.

Brian McNaboeSenior Advisor

Profile & headshot of T.A. Mccann for about page
T.A. is the Managing Director at Pioneer Square Labs in Seattle and an active angel investor and founder of multiple companies, including Senosis (acquired by Google) and Gist (acquired by Blackberry). He also serves on the boards of the Buerk Center for Entrepreneurship at the University of Washington, Inkwell Media, VendorHawk, and Splash.org. T.A. was formerly a professional sailor, winning and losing the America's Cup and completing the Whitbread Round-The-World sailing race. He is a mechanical engineering graduate of Purdue where he attended on a full swimming scholarship.

T.A. MccannBoard Director

Profile & headshot of Bill Mcclain for about page
Bill has led domestic and international marketing for several major brands, including Clarisonic (acquired by L'Oreal) and Sonicare (acquired by Philips). He has played a key role in the successful launch of over 30 new products, including market-leaders from LifeScan (Johnson & Johnson), Braun, and Oral-B. Bill currently teaches Global Business Strategy and Marketing at the University of Washington. He earned his BS at West Virginia Wesleyan College and his MBA at the University of Pittsburgh.

Bill McclainBoard Director

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board of advisors

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Volt Athletics has received local and national awards for our leadership, product innovation, and company culture. These accolades are significant for both Volt and our customers as they acknowledge fitness innovation, and our customers’ commitment to providing the best possible fitness plans for their schools, workforces, and personnel.

Working at volt

Flex Fridays

Volt’s compressed four-day workweek has allowed us to empower our employees to take ownership of their schedules. We pride ourselves on the impact we’re able to have on the well-being of our employees, while still pushing towards our goals as a company and as a team.

Company culture

What makes Volt great is our customer-first mentality. Our agile and collaborative team has a unique culture that thrives on trust, communication, and teamwork. We are dedicated to making data-driven solutions accessible to all of our users and helping them reach their overall health and wellness goals.

Diversity & Inclusion

With a diversity of backgrounds, ideas, and life experiences, our most valuable resource is our people. We want to create an environment where great people can do great work. We prioritize creating a culture of inclusivity, where there are opportunities for all, everyone feels like they belong, and different perspectives are valued.

Working at Volt

Flex Fridays

Volt’s compressed four-day workweek has allowed us to empower our employees to take ownership of their schedules. We pride ourselves on the impact we’re able to have on the well-being of our employees, while still pushing towards our goals as a company and as a team.